12 comments on “DROY Brian Cushing Tests Positive For PEDs

  1. Great read, Lork. It’s depressing as a Texans fan…because we put so much faith into what this guy could feasibly do.

    Now that I think about it more…I’m actually GLAD this happened when it did. I grew up as a Houston Astros fan and I idolized both Jeff Bagwell as well as Ken Caminiti. Both players started off as skinny guys who used technique over raw power…but as their careers progressed, they started to look less like baseball players and more like WWE personas. Me being a loyal fan…looked past the obvious red flags. It is only in hindsight that I look at Bagwell and Cammy and think about what I had been cheering for way back then. It makes me a bit ill, thinking I can turn a blind eye to it, despite it being the great white elephant in the room. The end results of the abuse – the destruction of Bagwell’s life outside of baseball and the death of Caminiti – far outweigh a few extra home runs and RBIs a season.

    This stings in that same vein…but at the same time, it happened early enough to where Cushing can turn it around and be a role model on what NOT to do. Former Minny WR Cris Carter had a very public cocaine habit and was a very destructive player off the field…but it was his mistakes that turned him into a positive influence off the field…which eventually translated ON the field, as Carter found his groove as a WR once the demons in his past were exorcised.

    I wish Cush the best…and I hope for the sake of all the fans of TEXANS NATION that this is just a small bump in the road for what will be a great and prosperous career, filled with All Pro selections and Super Bowl rings.

    Tom “ET” Rajan

    (…you know I always gotta end on that…)

  2. Might be irrelevant… but I’m literally basing the entire season off how the Texans play in week 1 against the Colts. I’m looking for a competitive matchup at the very least.

    I’m not worried about the 4 game suspension. I’m more worried about seeing if Cushing can come back and perform at the same level without the drugs. Shawne Merriman couldn’t……

  3. Whats with all these Houston players getting caught with steroids? Clemens now Cushing.

  4. It’s not the NFL that’s jumping to the conclusions, it’s the fans. Case in point is your post, along with several others I’ve seen. As soon as someone mentions “performance-enhancing” they automatically think steroids. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s been wired into our brains since the baseball scandal broke out. Cushing is too smart to be caught with steroids, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something detailed and complex that was found in a supplement he was taking by accident. His statement actually makes him sound like he’s pissed about the suspension:


  5. Well Clemens was proven guilty, Cushing’s case is just these substances that are debatable on what they do.

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