16 comments on “Where art thou' Mustain?

  1. Damn Frost writing articles at 6:58am… nice.

    No idea who this QB is… but I’d think this happens to a lot of USC athletes?

  2. This guy was a top recruit, funny how the WR that transferred with him Damian Williams got drafted 3rd round and Mustain is just a backup.

    • Yeah, it is funny because I always think of Damian Williams when I think of Mustain. He was so highly sought after and, honestly, should never have left U of A. Damian Williams went on to have a stellar career at USC. Williams, I believe, was a 4-star recruit on Rivals. Mustain was a 5…

  3. This is by far the most pointless post I have ever read. What’s the point of writing this? Mitch hasn’t seen the field in god knows how long and you expect him to get his opportunity now? Please, he couldn’t even play over a freshman last year. This kid is now a joke. Who writes about a quarterback who warms the bench? How bored/desperate are you? Or do you and Mitch condone in some extra cirricular activities that we aren’t aware of. Hint Hint.

    • Last I checked, that freshman was pretty good…Mustain’s biggest mistake was leaving. He should have stayed at Arkansas.

  4. Its just interesting seeing an athlete that was so highly recruited and isn’t doing anything. Why write about what everyone else writes about, then it wouldn’t be interesting. The fact that you commented made it show that you read the article which means that people are reading it.

    • It’s kind of a moot point. Matt Barkley is USC’s quarterback now anyways. Mustain will never be anything good again because he will never get that opportunity.

    • True, Xavier Lee comes to mind when thinking about high recruits who are perennial backups.

  5. I’m not saying Mustain is great by any means just stating he might not get that opportunity. But who knows Matt Cassel finally got his chance.

  6. He could get an opportunity… Injuries, late draft pick, free agent, prove himself, etc etc… Never say never

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