5 comments on “L.A. vs. Boston: Who has the edge?

  1. Who do you think has the edge in the series? I say l.a. Because even though you give the edge to rondo over fish I think by far fish is the best defensive guard rondo will have faced yet and his style of defense gets under guys skin and he can disrupt play pretty well for an older guy. And artest well we all know he’s a defensive specialist so yeah pierce will avg more ppg but I bet he scored below his current playoff avg with artest on him in l.a.. So who do you give the edge to in the series?

    • Some damn good points right there…Fisher and his experience will go a long way in determining this series because he is matched up with Boston’s best overall player in ultra-quick Rondo. His defense on Rajon will be pivotal to the Lakers success. Also, Pierce is going to draw the toughest assignment since he will be guarded by Ron-Ron. However, I still see Pierce averaging close to 20 a game. He’s just too good of a scorer to get shutdown. As for who I give the edge to in the series, I’m going to go with my gut and say Boston. I’m not basing that on anything more than I how I feel going into the series. I know L.A. is playing well and they do have the best player in this universe, yet I still believe Boston holds a slight edge right now over the Lakers as I feel they are playing the better brand of basketball (barely). We shall see beginning tomorrow night…

  2. Two words – Black Mamba. Plus LA has homecourt which can go a long way in a series like this if it goes seven games. In addition, that means the foul calls could lean in LA’s favor since they are at home more. In the finals it goes to the 2-3-2 format and if Boston steals one on the road it could get interesting. I tend to see a lot of people saying Boston is playing the better basketball but LA hasn’t lost yet at home. Boston was just winning by larger margins against a weak mentally Orlando team, but I don’t think that means they are necessarily playing better. However, it is still fairly close. Lakers have already faced some of the best guards in the league in these playoffs with D. Williams, S. Nash, and R. Westbrook. I see the battle on the boards being key in this series as among many other things. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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