5 comments on “Time for a Change?

  1. I have wanted that for years. I can’t think of a more difficult job than the one official running all over the large soccer field trying to see everything. Use more officials to improve the quality of the games.

  2. Yeah, I think more officials is the solution, not necessarily instant replay. Soccer is not meant to have stoppages, timeouts, etc.

  3. Number 1 reason I do not want soccer to use technology is because every other sport does. This seperates soccer from the rest. This keeps it beautiful and human. Referee is as much a part of the game as Players are.

    Life is not perfect and so is Football. Let the game be human from all aspects and it will remain beautiful just the way it is today.

  4. I agree with you guys (as will all football enthusiasts). I do like your solution by adding more linesmen, instead of staggered on each end, why not put 4 over all, its more symmetrical that way. Plus it gives the center referee more chance to focus on the game in the middle of the pitch. If they don’t even want to take it that far, they can always just station another referee on each goal line. That way you can have an extra eye on events in the box on set pieces and goals not counted (see England).

  5. we should just never have a world cup in africa again. this is one of the worst world cups ive seen. africa cant get shit right. first the world cup ball then the officiating…whats next!!! africa is just a poor bs continent that has no business hosting world wide events.

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