6 comments on “The first free agency domino falls…sort of.

  1. lol at the grizzlies GM… Trade Pau and give Lakers 2 championships for Kwame Brown, draft Thabeet’s failure ass, and now this contract for someone who has done what exactly?

    • Agreed. Pretty risky move by Chris Wallace. I think they should have been a bit wiser in their investment; still yet, they did lock up a nice, young player. It just seems to me that they did it at the expense of wasting more money than they needed to. I bet you they could have locked him up in the 70 mil. range. However, even that is getting steep for someone who has exactly zero appearances in the playoffs up to this point.

  2. I agree but he does have descent numbers and at the same time who else you going to get? At least he has better numbers than RJ who was paid roughly the same amount per year. Plus he did play around 39 minutes per game that is pretty high. I don’t necessarily agree with the move because I’d prefer getting a big man signed but he’s not getting anything like Shaquille O’neal (21 mil a year) or Joe Johnson.

    • He’s one-dimensional and is probably only the third best player on his team behind Mayo and Randolph. He is a good player, but it’s still a bad move financially. He just strapped his team for the next 5 years. And, what exactly does 39 minutes-per-game have to do with anything relative to him getting an 80 million dollar contract? Nothing?

  3. Just saying he plays a lot of minutes, third most in the league. Which means he isn’t old, so fairly valuable. I do think he is overpaid but its not as big as Shaq’s or others I have seen. The Grizzlies biggest mistake was not accepting Rudy’s 5 year $60 million counter last year. If Rudy Gay had left and the Grizzlies fell back to a 30 win team, plus having to need another couple of years to rebuild, the Memphis Grizzlies franchise would be dead. In reality it can hurt them but Heisley needed him for the franchise’s business.

    • Saying anything about comparing Rudy’s contract to Shaq’s or others is irrelevant to this. He is overpaid. Big time. I don’t think they “needed him for the franchise’s business” either. Not in a way in which it puts a stranglehold on a team financially. That is precisely what just happened with him getting this new contract…

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