2 comments on “More free agency buzz: Are these guys worth that much?

  1. To an extent I agree, but I think with the history he has with Mike D’Antoni, he has a better chance of winning in New York IF they can add another big piece to the puzzle. That piece being someone like Joe Johnson, Lebron James, etc. Obviously it looks like Johnson is going to re-sign with Atlanta and I’ve never once believed that James was going to New York (that can change, of course).

    The bottomline is that if you surround Amare with another superstar (say, hypothetically, like a James), there is a chance that New York can be a dangerous team in the East. Also, I’ve heard rumblings that Tony Parker would be interested in going to play in the Big Apple. Imagine a starting 5 of Parker, Gallinari, James, Stoudemire, Curry. I know Curry’s not much, but the other 4 are studs. With a guy like Wilson Chandler off the bench to go along with Toney Douglas and Eddie House, who knows, maybe New York makes a run.

    In the end though, I think there’s too many “what-if’s” to warrant the Knicks as a legitimate contender anytime soon…

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