4 comments on “Room for one more?

  1. I’m all for surrounding those two with veterans using the remaining twelve million and maybe a trade to get rid of Beasley. I still cant even fathom Miami getting Lebron with Wade and Bosh thats the stuff NBA Live video game franchises are made of, how the hell is that even possible? apparently it is possible though so i don’t know whatever happens now i don’t even care Wade and Bosh makes this team legit. Whether Riley (who is a genius i might add) adds veteran talent with the remaining twelve million and the MLE or by some stroke of fate or god we get Lebron either way i’m so happy. South Beach Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agree, man. They should be grateful that they brought Wade back with some help. Now, I believe the best thing for them to do is to compliment those 2 players (Guys like Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Raja Bell, etc. would suffice). It looks more and more now like LBJ will be a Knick…

  2. Rumor has it Miami is trying to pull a sign-and-trade with Dallas that would send Brendan Haywood to Miami for Michael Beasley. Include Chalmer or Raymond Felton at PG and that’s an incredible starting 5.

    • Yeah, I saw that earlier and then Dallas came out saying they were going to try and keep Haywood instead of try and trade him. Not necessarily buying that. That would be a GREAT get for Miami. I’d like to see a Bosh/Haywood frontcourt…

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