10 comments on “Training Camp Battles

  1. Yeah, Orton does suck. But Brady Quinn? I think he’s much better than Orton and would like to see him start. But taking shots on our coach is very disrespectful.

  2. I’ll admit I’m still laughing at Josh McDaniels fist pumping lmfao. But I could see that from a young rookie coach. Hopefully giving up 3 picks for Tebow pays off.

  3. Wow, Josh REALLY doesn’t like Denver. If Moreno can carry the load this year and be Mr. Reliable then Denver won’t need to pass it as much which would be good. Denver needs to avoid those 3rd and long situations to play to Orton’s strengths.

    • SD is going to be explosive yet again this year, despite missing V-Jax for some games. I like their chances a lot…

  4. hahahah Orton does suck and he does look like one queer boy in that picture. It’s great to know we don’t have the worst QB in our division anymore, hell, he was probably the worst in the LEAGUE! Thank God, Jamarcus is GONE!

    • We’re posting our top QBs in the NFL here within the next couple of weeks. Spoiler Alert: Kyle Orton is in the bottom 3.

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