14 comments on “Fantasy Football Rankings: QB

  1. I know I’m a Pack fan, but Aaron Rodgers at 4? Iffy there, B-Rad…Tom Brady #2? Woah…I’d have Schaub down 2 spots as well. Either way, not bad rankings at all.

  2. But since we’re talkin fantasy points rodgers has a chance to be better, but Brady is healthy this season and i jus cant doubt that guy

    • You do realize that Rodgers was the number 1 fantasy quarterback this past year, right J-Gome? And Brady ahead of him? PFFFFF. That’s funny. Get back to me when you’re serious.

  3. for stats yea rodgers prob will do better, but i think brady’s a better quarterback, but yup anyone can argue rodgers should be higher on this list cuz its for fantasy points but brad and i both agreed with brady at 2 since we did these rankings.

    • Weird considering I thought I was doing the QB rankings. If I was, I definitely wouldn’t have even considered Brady #2…or#3…perhaps not even number 4 to be completely honest.

  4. You have Orton ranked way too low he should be about ten spots higher . Placing Leinart and Alex Smith ahead of him on this list voids any bit of credibility it was trying to hold onto.

    • Good joke. What I mean by this is who in the hell cares where any of those 3 crap quarterbacks rank? If you get any 3 of those guys as starters in fantasy, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning your league. How’s that for credibility?

  5. We’ll see about the QBs, me and Josh didn’t want to do the exact same thing as everyone else because it never goes down like that and there’s no point to copying everyone. Interesting note: the top 5 QBs last year were separated by less than 20 points, it’s definitely up for grabs.

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