43 comments on “Big 12 North Predictions

  1. Nice write-up. And, like you, I picked Mizzou to win the North. I think they are a more complete team than Nebraska is.

  2. I have to favor Nebraska on this one. Even though Missouri could give them a game I just don’t see them playing well on the road especially in Lincoln. They play a pancake schedule leading into conference and will look descent because most of their games are at home. Nebraska has a top 20 defense and Missouri isn’t even ranked. Missouri losses Sean Weatherspoon on the defense though they should be okay but the secondary will be exposed. Plus coming off a 22 point loss to Navy? I find it odd how you predict Missouri to win the North but then say their a dark horse.

    • Can u not read? Favorite to win North, darkhorse to win Big 12 in general……North is weak, I wouldn’t even be surprised to see K State make a run at it. Nebraska’s O is just too weak for them to turn the tables. If a team scores first/ takes a double digit lead, they can’t come back because the ball would have to be in Lee’s hands. Just remember the Iowa State and Tech games last season.

  3. I can read but if I predict a team to win the north aren’t they then a favorite to win the big 12??? FYI that Tech game Nebraska had 2 turnovers; one returned for a TD while about to score in the redzone that can result in a 2:1 differential for tds. Zac Lee isn’t anything great but I still think the D carries this team far.

    • Do you honestly think Colorado was a favorite to win the Big XII the year Texas won the championship in ’05-’06 JUST BECAUSE they were in the Big XII Title Game? I, for one, do not…kinda the same analogy that you used, don’t ya think?

      • I just find it odd predicting a team to win the North then saying their a dark horse. I see what your saying though regarding the conference.

  4. Well I certainly wouldn’t say that just because I predicted a team to win the North, then they are automatically qualified as a “favorite” to win the entire conference…like I stated earlier, the ’05-’06 Colorado squad is the perfect example of that.

  5. Depends on how you predicted Colorado to finish that year. But I’ll agree, you don’t have to consider them a favorite. Its just somewhat strange but not that big of a deal. We’ll see, I do like Missouri’s offense over Nebraska’s but still hard to judge after those 2 bowl games. Nebraska beating Mike Stoops Arizona then Missouri losing to Navy.

    • I really don’t think it’s hard to judge from the bowl games at all. That was last year. This is a new year…get it?

  6. Same QBs as last year with 18 returning starters that loss to Navy. Then you see a Nebraska offense that is average put up a lot of points against a pretty good Arizona defense. The fact that both QBs return from those games makes me tend to think who is the better team but then again its still last year.

  7. Ha and I’m going to listen to someone who picks Missouri over Nebraska without any reasoning plus says Thomas Jones and doesn’t have time for their own rankings but can comment, lmfao.

    • I don’t care if you listen to me or not, I feel that Missouri is the better ALL-AROUND team, as I’ve already stated. So, that would be a reason. I don’t even know what the Thomas Jones thing means…And what are you talking about with rankings? I’ve done plenty of rankings. I don’t go and write stupid articles titled “Where Art Thou Mustain” or “Overtrained Athlete Syndrome?” just to piss off another one of the writers.

  8. To me thats still a lame reason. All I’m saying is your making comments and complaining about the different fantasy rankings when you didn’t do any yourself. Like you said, I could care less what you think about my articles its all based on opinion.

    • It’s a lame reason because why? You said so? Ha, OK. Again, you’re analysis is pretty much irrelevant here. And I’ve done plenty of rankings. Don’t discredit me just because I didn’t do these. You didn’t either. And yet you’re running your mouth…as always. It seems to be what you do best, Frosty.

    • And believe me, I’m DEFINITELY not the only one who thinks you aren’t real good at writing articles. I can promise you that.

  9. lmao – “you aren’t real good at writing” well we know who is not. This ones for you Brad. Checkmate, peace.

  10. LOL this is hilarious, like Murph I do think Mizzou is better All-Around but they will have to show it on the field. They have the capabilitiy to beat Nebraska,since frost keeps bring up last season if it wasn’t for Suh inurying Gabs in the first quarter, Mizzou would have won since they were up pretty much the whole game until the 4th,ankle injuries to QB’s can cause problems especially in the pouring rain and plus he was inexperienced at the time hence the costly turnovers. But then again that was last season so its irrelevant now, but Nebraska had one decent yr last season and their gettin all this stupid hype. I do gotta say that Maurice C article is probably the worst write up on this site not to mention you wrote “and and” in the last sentence. I think you need to fix that write up and make it a “real” write up kinda like Brad did for Chuck.

  11. In all, its just predictions but in order to do those you have to look at the previous year and sometimes the bowl game can be a good indicator of this plus the number of returning starters. A significant factor I believe that impacts this year is Missouri plays in Lincoln. I do think they can give them a game and I’m not saying it isn’t impossible. I just picked Nebraska over them and gave my reasons why I believe that.

    • Why do you HAVE to look at the previous year in order to help determine predictions? Give me the definitive reason for this because I don’t believe you have to look at anything. Did you look at the previous season of the ’07-’08 Kansas Jayhawks football team, realize that they went 6-6, and immediately believe that they couldn’t win 8 games? That was the year they went 12-1 and beat Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. That’s a +6 in the win column. How about the ’06-07 Wake Forest team? The previous year, they had gone 4-7 and finished 4th in the ACC Atlantic. Based on what you say, you HAVE to look at the previous year in order to dictate predictions. Well, what did Wake do? They finished 11-2 and went to the Orange Bowl. That would be a whopping +7 in the win column.

      My point is that, when it comes to predictions, you have to do absolute zilch. That’s what you have to do. Nothing dictates predictions. It’s pretty much just a crapshoot.

  12. I don’t disagree, like I said it can be a good indicator. Don’t really HAVE too and of course there are incidences like you described cause no one can predict the future. Plus there could be many factors that play out in those years that cause those teams to win more games or lose more games.

    • “In all, its just predictions but in order to do those you have to look at the previous year”

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but that was you that said that…right?

    • OK, what you just said right there…that should be the entire key to our argument. There are various factors that can play out that can result in a team winning. But to indicate that the previous season is the over-arching indicator, I believe, is false. I thought you hit a key point when you said that returning starters plays a pivotal role. It most certainly does. More so than the previous season’s record, IMO.

  13. I’m not saying you HAVE too even if it came out that way. I never argued that and you manipulated as if I were. Tell me how you rank at the beginning of the year the top 25?

  14. Then don’t get yourself caught in a contradiction, which is exactly what you did when you said this little beauty: “In all, its just predictions but in order to do those you have to look at the previous year and sometimes the bowl game can be a good indicator of this plus the number of returning starters.” That constitutes as you believing you have to look at the previous year in order to help determine predictions. But then, you turn around and pull this one: “don’t disagree, like I said it can be a good indicator. Don’t really HAVE too…” Thus the contradiction.

    As for the last part of that, again, speechless. If you think I’m the only person to do a top 25 before the season starts, you are an absolute moron. Tell me how it feels to get pwned on a consistent basis?

  15. No more comments. Thats not what I’m saying. Wow end of conversation. How is it specifically determined in the preseason, what goes into those predictions? These links are irrelevant. I’m done here.

  16. Well if it were up to you, I honestly don’t know what your criteria would be. I mean, one minute you say that you have to go on the previous year’s record, then the next minute, you say you don’t have to. You sure do like to change your mind a lot…

    As for me, I think there are many factors that go into determing predictions. But saying you HAVE to do something in order to determine something else is extreme. Can you look at the previous year’s record? Of course. It can give you a feel for where the team left off, but I don’t believe you should primarily base your predictions off of that. I think the returning starters factor is the absolute key. That, coupled with the strength of schedule are the strongest factors, I believe, that should help to determine just where a team needs to be ranked. What happened last year is precisely that: last year.

  17. Funny, I thought you were done and said no more comments. If we’re comparing each other, lets give points for how many quality articles each other has written:

    Brad: 39
    Guy: 1

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