13 comments on “Overtrained Athlete Syndrome?

  1. Funny, I thought it was “my dog ate my homework” not “the dog ate my homework. Now I see why you are not writer for WSJ? Worst. Article. Ever. Stick to your facebook stalking Guy . . .

  2. Wow can’t believe you really just said that. Same concept. Plus “not writer for WSJ?” don’t know where it says that. Stick to rooming with Stefon.

  3. It’s not a concept retard, it’s a saying. A concept involves principles and deep thought surrounding an idea. “My dog ate my homework” is neither. Hey how many Armani shirts can you buy with all that money you save living with your parents I mean roommates?

  4. Funniest part about this article? This story broke out on August 8th, nearly 2 weeks ago. This wasn’t even the biggest part about the story. The Texans owner met with the Goodell to try and get this overturned. Nobody would know any of this by this article, nor would they know anything about Overtrained Athlete Syndrome in general in regards to what it is and if it’s even a legitimate concern. Guess that makes this a typical Guy article . . .

  5. Like I have said before I’m not a writer just someone that blogs. Funny part is that I don’t need to explain it because Overtrained Athlete Syndrome is made up and pretty self explanatory in its name, lmao.

  6. Doesn’t being a blogger mean that you post more than once a month? I would love to hear you explain what it is since you assume everyone here is a doctor and understands it. Truth of the matter is the only reason you posted this was to try and upset me. Yes, your 2nd post in a month was for this reason. Kind of sad that it took this much to get you away from your CMS’s and busy life of eating and watching Sportcenter.

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