13 comments on “NFL Quarterly Awards

  1. Sick article. Although, I think I’d actually have Arian Foster as my Quarterly MVP. The dude has been absolutely unstoppable up to this point. The overarching factor, in my opinion, as to why this team is 3-1.

    LMFAO on Alex Smith. Dude just can’t catch a break.

  2. Yeah I didn’t expect Foster to gain this many yards but still I said that comment before Ben Tate and Hardesty got hurt so that is a moot point.

  3. If you look at it Peyton Hillis has had a pretty good first four games for not even being the starter in the first two games.

  4. Murph, I thought about it and in retrospect should have, but I’m too lazy to change it. And yes, Alex Smith can’t catch a break. Just think how crazy things could be now if they took Rodgers instead of Alex Smith with the #1 overall way back when.

    Guy, I considered Hillis for the surprise pick, but he’s shown flashes before. Lloyd literally came back after basically having his NFL career extinct to being Denver’s go-to receiver. Also, just accept the fact that a Texan fan knew Foster would break out and you thought differently.

  5. Also Guy, forgot to mention: just because I know your special, love assumptions (almost as much as you love dick), and a massive idiot, please don’t assume Hardesty would have done the same damage as Hillis. If anything, Hillis breaking out would mean Hardesty would get few carries. Hardesty has 0 yards on carries, Foster is statistically the best RB in the NFL. Don’t hate the player (Arian Foster), hate the game (fantasy football). Enjoy being the third worst team in fantasy football. PEACE.

  6. I’m not hating on Foster just saying don’t bring up that point when Hardesty got hurt as well as the backup Tate who might of split carries with Foster in some of these games the Texans won. It’s just a moot point because of the injuries we can only speculate now. I maybe be in third to last but at the same time if my QB didn’t get hurt I could be 3-1, so there is luck involved. I still think I can make playoffs.

  7. 1) Foster was the starter even with Tate or not. Tate was 3rd string and I told you this multiple times yet you for some reason thought he would start. The only way Foster was splitting carries is if he didn’t show enough during the season or started slacking. 231 yards against the Colts week 1, enough said.

    2) it’s not “mute”, it’s “moot”. Aren’t you writer for WSJ?

    3) IF. If is a big word. Kind of like if you drafted a better backup or took a starting QB sooner or if you team scored more than 80 points on regular basis. Or perhaps like I could say if my first round pick in 2009 fantasy didn’t end up on IR. Funny that you try to cap on people for stuff like that but the second it happens to you it’s acceptable. Further proof you like going both ways I guess . . .

    4) Kind of funny how Kolb has screwed you twice in fantasy football. In 2008 the pick 6 he threw gave me the win and 2nd place while you settled for 3rd and this year he got hurt week 1. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    5) I hope for your sake you make playoffs; if not I will give you hell for it.

  8. Texans still living in week 1 or should I say preseason (Cowboys), whats new? Never said Tate would start just said he could take carries away from Foster. I bet in week one late in the game he might have taken some of those carries with the lead. Who knows though right? Kolb has hurt me twice what are the odds of that? Especially with that interception. I’m not trying to make exuses but I did have last pick; its not like my team is that bad. And if your going to say my team stinks its not like they are doing terrible its just cause of some bad luck with an injury and some other factors. I score low points and win, then score high one week and lose; it just happens.

    P.S. I guess you still don’t get the WSJ point. lmao

    • You do realize both me and Andy thought the Texans would lose (2 out of the 3 Texans you actually know)? The Texans always play terrible after a big win and Dallas was desperate so we both figured that would happen. Ask Josh, I even told him this.

      Also, keep in mind you have scored the 4th fewest points in the league so it’s not like your team is good by any stretch of the imagination. You don’t score low points totals and win because you’ve only done that once. It’s not like cracking the 100 mark is some impeccable feat either. I’ve cracked the 120 mark 3 out of 4 weeks. Looking at the past 2 years in our league, the person with the last pick has finished rd and 5th. No excuses.

      Lastly, I do get your WSJ comment. The reason I keep capping is because I’ve never seen worse introduction or worse punctuation in my life and it’s hilarious.

  9. Yeah you thought they would lose and your a smart Texans fan, but then you do what every other Texans fan does (And I didn’t think you would) is reference week one almost like Andy referencing the preseason. Also, that was the point to use bad punctuation and I have told you that before. Never said execuses but just saying you have to look at both points scored and points against. Cause I don’t think Moroz’s team is that good and he is 4-0. But everyone else will say he is just because he is 4-0. He has a backup RB in his starting lineup, TE that plays up and down, and no quality back ups. But if I score least amount of points in league but am 4-0 you’d consider my team good? It’s still early to judge and there is a lot of the season left.

  10. When did I ever mention the pre-season and why do you keep referencing it? All me and Andy said is we love how Cowboy fans overreact during the preseason. And why the hell would you use bad punctuation and grammar to prove your point? Being a blogger doesn’t mean you suck at the English language.

    Ryan has scored third most points in the league (see the trend?). He doesn’t have the best test IMO but he keeps winning which is all that matters. Also it’s irrelevant if someone had the fewest points scored because you can’t be 4-0 if you’ve allowed more points than the other person. That’s simple math. How did you pass the TAAS and TAKS test again?

  11. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don’t. Fantasy has a lot of value on TD’s and some teams get lucky with players that don’t play much and get a TD. Just have to wait and see what happens.

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