4 comments on “You Heard It First.

  1. The Patriots stock-pile draft picks so they are always reloading on talent. 2 picks in each of the first three rounds. If they put too much value, there’s also the possibility of them trading Logan Mankins who’s been holding out. Trade a hold out for a hold out? It’s crazy but it’s an idea.

    Also, keep in mind the draft has terrible talent at WR unless several juniors enter (Green, Jones, Floyd, Baldwin) which the Patriots very well could go after as all are well over 6’3″ and classify as “big play” receivers.

  2. Yeah since they lost Avery and Clayton for the season, it would be nice to have a pro bowler helping out Bradford. The Rams were “rumored” in discussions months ago about acquiring V Jax so lets see if the injury to Clayton forces them to make a move. Honestly, I do not think they will make the move but it would a smart move if they did. All they have left is Danny Amendola.

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