4 comments on “NFL 2nd Quarter Awards

  1. Haha, dang B-Rad, you throwing a little dig there at the end at JG & Frost? The “so have their fans” part? That’s hilarious.

  2. Not entirely, if I wanted to cap on Guy I would bring up that he’s in 13th place in fantasy football right now and 1 win ahead of a kid who hasn’t made a single roster move in ages. Lots of people in the DFW area completely jumped off the bandwagon and started with stuff like “I’m not a Cowboys fan, I’m all about the Rangers” and “I wonder if Cliff Lee can play QB”. My favorite is a mutual friend me and Josh share who all of the sudden is a Saints fan.

  3. If I win this week I could be ahead of Murph. That does sound like typical Dallas fans though, but not as bad as LA fans their the worst.

    • LOL, yeah, I suppose you could. And guess who I’m playing this week? Mr. Lorkovicious himself. Should be a good one.

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