10 comments on “My 5 candidates I would like to see on the Dallas Cowboy sideline in 2011.

  1. Would love to see Bill Cowher get the head coaching job, then Mike Leach become the offensive coordinator. More than likely this won’t happen, plus Cowher is probably staying in North Carolina if not applying for the Panthers job. I would like them to take a look at Ron Meeks who was a coach for the Cowboys in the 1990s and also Perry Fewell; both are great defensive coordinators.

  2. The first scenario you mentioned as “more than likely this won’t happen” is probably more like “not a chance in hell of this happening.” Cowher to Dallas? Maybe. Leach? That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Seriously. Ever.

  3. Wow that’s a long title. A few others worth mentioning:

    Leslie Frazier, DC, Vikings (my favorite for the Texans if Kubiak is axed)
    Rob Ryan, DC, Browns
    Mike Zimmer, DC, Bengals
    Ron Rivera, DC, Chargers (sleeper pick)
    Jim Harbaugh, HC, Stanford
    Rob Chudzinski, AHC, Chargers

    • At 4-4, you think Kubiak is gone here at the end of the year? I suppose it’s still too early to tell, but I got a feeling that his seat is beyond warm.

      • Kubiak could be. Right now the Texans have 8 games left and only 1 of them is against a team below .500 so the odds are stacked against them. 9-7 or better and I think he stays, any worse and I think it’s time to move on past the mediocrity. I would thank him for everything he’s done, but if he can’t get the Texans into the playoffs with all that talent, someone needs to.

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