5 comments on “Now I know why the Redskins always suck

  1. Not only is this a bad move for the Redskins, but it’s a bad move for Donovan McNabb, except for his wallet of course. Clearly Shanahan doesn’t like McNabb, so I don’t know why McNabb would want to stay with a coach who benches him in the final two minutes of a game they could have won. And the Redskins aren’t an up and coming team in a position to contend for Super Bowls, hell it’d be shocking if they could even contend for a division title anytime soon. I think McNabb should have waited until the end of the season and signed with a team that is good but really needs a quarterback, like San Francisco (except now Troy Smith is playing well for them and I hope he continues to), or possibly the Vikings next year if Brett Favre really is retiring, which at this point I still tend to doubt. Nice that McNabb made his money, but I wonder if he really thinks they have a good chance at winning, or if he’s just at the point where retiring with more money is more important than retiring with more wins.

    • Excellent points made. I tend to want to believe that he was out for one more big payday, but can you really blame him? I mean, if somebody’s throwing you $80 million at a point in your career where your game has clearly declined, you might be hard-pressed not to take it. As it stands now, the Redskins are in no position to be contenders anytime soon. And they have no one but Daniel Snyder to thank for that.

  2. Haynesworth now McNabb? As I’m writing this I think I just saw a reenactment of the Michael Vick Powerade football commercial on the first play of the game with his pass to DJ for a TD on MNF. All I had to say was Wow!

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