11 comments on “Michael Beasley’s Next Stop: Superstardom?

  1. Yeah and the same thing is now being said about Bristol Palin after her appearance on DWTS ! What’s next for these two then ? Wasn’t Sebastian Telfair being lauded over the same way ?

    • Not at all. The difference between Beasley and Telfair is Beasley’s actually strung good games together. Telfair? Never. That dude was all hype while in high school, but once he reached the NBA, he was nothing more than an after-thought. Beasley and Telfair, though on the same team now, don’t belong in the same breath.

      Oh, and his last game, on Saturday, he dropped 28 and had 9 rebounds. I’m telling you, the guy has turned into a completely different player.

      • smurfed

        And that’s been it with some of these kids all along …..way too much hype surrounding them. And when it all pans out wherein they’ve done nothing in the league they’re thought of as complete busts ! Olowakandi , Kwame Brown to name but a few and it looks if Oden’s name may well be added to that list .

        One or two good games doesn’t a season make or for that matter a player. So let’s see what the kid can actually do before we start lauding him as some kind of superstar.

        Fu_k You And The Horse You Rode In On !

        Let me know what you think of the following ? Simply click on the link provided to view the piece in question and by all means simply leave a comment as is your want. Chimin’ out ……. tophatal !

  2. I never actually said he was a superstar, only that he’s playing at an all-star level, though I completely get what you’re saying and agree. It’s been a small sample size for the kid; we need to give him another season or two before we start labeling him as “the next big thing.” And yes, unfortunately for his sake, I think Oden’s name will soon be on the ‘bust’ list.

  3. Heavens no ! I’m an expat Brit (ex military Royal Marines) who’s been living here in the US for the last 19 years . I love the Spurs , Patriots , MMA , some boxing and soccer . NASCAR doesn’t do it for me ! Simply put too many friggin’ left turns and the dumb ass jingoism and the perception of the sport is still steeped in ol’ school xenophobia ! Was a huge Marlins’ fan ’til the ownership group started to lie cheat and steal ! Loria is a friggin’ cretin whose business acumen ranks up there alongside the likes of Madoff and the former boardroom execs of Enron !

    Check these pieces out ?

    Being An Ass Never Looked So Bad But Being A Bad Ass Has Its Merits ……


    Keeping It In The Family ……… It Pays …. It’s Simply Business


    Bottoms Up , Bottoms Up


    Coaches Say The Most Stupid of Things And Those Utterances Tend To Make Them No Smarter Than A Kindergarten Pupil


    ……….. :P

    tophatal ………… :)

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