4 comments on “NFL Sunday: Week 11 Thoughts

  1. Hop back off the bandwagon Josh, no chance in hell the Cowboys make the playoffs. 4 teams are in the wild card race and all are 6-4 or better. Dallas would have to go undefeated, and they still have Philly twice, Indy, and New Orleans to play. I see Houston and Dallas ending up at 7-9 although I’d prefer Houston finish worse so they get a better draft pick and there’s no uncertainty over whether to get rid of Kubiak.

    • Agreed. Quit sippin’ the Cryboys kool-aid, J-Gome. They’ve played a Giants team who overlooked them severely, and the Lions. Not overly impressive, although I will say that I’ve loved what Jason Garrett has done the last 2 weeks. If I was a ‘Boys fan, I wouldn’t mind keeping that guy around full-time.

  2. Yeah the Giants game could of easily gone the other way with an interception in the red zone and a spectacular catch by Dez Bryant. I’d still rather have a DC as a head coach and keep Jason Garrett as the OC.

    • If Garrett stays, it’s as HC. I don’t think the guy accepts being the OC again. If it’s that (OC) or nothing, I think he moves on.

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