11 comments on “Early NBA Power Rankings

  1. A team that’s barely over .500 you’d consider to be worthy of being amongst your top 10 ? What has LeBron and his posse done to deserve that then ?

    They’re on their way to pushing Spoelstra out the door ’cause of their pi_s poor play !

    Do you remember that Lakers’ team that lost the finals to the Pistons and that cavalcade of stars that the Lakers had on display ? Heed the warning and be careful what you wish for . The Heat aren’t as good as advertised and if they don’t get their ass in gear then their season will be short-lived and that includes the postseason .

    tophatal :)

  2. The Heat are in the East so I have no doubts they will make the playoffs. They are a work in progress. All I know is that, I don’t think any team will be keen on facing Wade, Lebron, and Bosh in a 7 game series.

    As for my Spurs, they just keep winning. Gary Neal needs to get some love.

  3. Until there’s real cohesion within that Heat team they’ll be simply be thought of as a team of superstars packed with boundless ego. Does anyone remember the Lakers’ team of 2004 and how they fell to the Pistons in the Finals of that year . Malone , Payton , Shaq and Kobe whined and bitched as if they’d had something stolen from them. This present team already reminds me of that
    bunch of cretins ! They’ve thrown Spoelstra under the bus so fast and not even Riley has come to the defense of his own hand picked coach. So what does that tell you at this juncture ?


    tophatal ……………… :)

  4. Talent alone on the Heat’s roster can carry them into the playoffs, but a ring? that looks really gloomy right now, but the key word is right now. I still think they will get better as the year progresses. It’s too early to make any real judgements about this team since it’s a complete new Miami team compared to last season. They may be dropping individual games right now but its a whole new ball game in the playoffs since its a 7 game series. As long as the Heat make the playoffs they should be able to compete because this decade proven that seeding doesn’t really matter. Just ask the Mavs. As for the locker room problems, I think the media is just blowing everything out of proportion. I do say as of right now they aren’t a top 10 team, but that can change in a week.

    • Yeah but consistency is the real key here and they’ve yet to show any. Instead you’re seeing some sophomoric behavior from LeBron and his teammates . In the background Pat Riley merely sits back while his hand picked coach is being thrown under the bus by a number of the players . That situation could get a whole lot worse before it gets any better . Simply look at how they’ve played, the blown opportunities , not only that but they themselves (Wade , Bosh and James ) created much of the hype with that rather idiotic display in terms of the introduction to the fans. So don’t feed into the b.s that this wall the press’ creation alone .


      tophatal ……… :)

  5. You see LeBron shoulder bump his coach? What was up with that? One thing after another. First he doesn’t show sportsmanship against Orlando than he bumps his coach. Now, the players on the Heat have a 40 minute meeting after the Dallas loss. Where was the coach on this? Something isn’t right with their offense and chemistry.

  6. Just some disagreements between Spoelstra and Lebron, kind of similar to the ones he had with Brown in Cleveland. James’ is just frusturated that the team is struggling and he is playing a complete differnet role now. Adjustments take some time, but everyone was already expecting this team to win 70 games out of the gate. Supposively they had a meeting to clear this out and that Lebron’s also frusturated because Spoelstra isn’t giving into Lebron’s requests. Then again, I’m not in the Heat lockeroom daily so who knows what really is going on. Sometimes problems like this can help build a team together. Get back to me on the Heat when playoffs roll around then we will see where they land. It is really really early to make conclusions on this team right now.l

  7. Yeah Miami should be alright but I see them still struggling some, because basketball is about the point guard play and interior play. They don’t have a great point guard or center to help them out but we will have to wait and see what happens.

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