5 comments on “Contenders?

  1. Did I miss something here ? I’d like to go along the same lines as Sarah Palin and refudiate (she meant ‘repudiate’ but after all education in Wasilla , Alaska isn’t all it’s cracked to be ) the fact that the Bears are to be considered contenders . These are the same Bears that from one moment to the next you can never be sure what you’re liable to get from them as a team . Jay Cutler is only as good as he thinks of himself within his own mindset !


    tophatal …….. :P _ :)

    • See, I agree here. You never know if you’re going to get “Good Jay” or “Bad Jay” (much like “Good Eli” or “Bad Eli”, referring to the younger Manning). That’s the main reason why I believe this team cannot be taken seriously. Also, the defense is stout, but the offense still lacks a true number 1 receiver, and I think Matt Forte is vastly overrated.

  2. I still think the Pack win the NFC North but the one thing I do not like about the Packers is their lack of a running game. Don’t get me wrong , Rodgers is great and I wish he was our QB, but I believe you need some kind of balance in the playoffs. Indy and the Saints made the Superbowl last season but they got significant help from their backs when needed. Ryan Grant’s injury really hurts. I don’t think the Bears will go to the Superbowl but I do believe they can make the playoffs and compete.

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