61 comments on “Early 2011 Pro Bowl Predictions

  1. The Pro Bowl, which is just a glorified way of saying an all-star game, is an absolute joke. In all honesty, does it really matter who makes it? Like Gome said, it’s all about making All-Pro. That’s what counts.

  2. I agree it doesn’t mean anything just like the NBA All-Star game when guys like Tracy McGrady make it and haven’t even played a game due to injury.

  3. Yeah the Pro Bowl is pointless , just a popularity contest. Cameron Wake should b on that list, hes 2nd in the league in sacks as of now and he came from the CFL. Like I said popularity contest, so I wouldnt be surprised to see him snubbed.

  4. Not over Harrison sorry. But this is coming from same person that said Spurs shouldn’t be top ten so I’d expect that.

    • Yeah, since those are the same sports, and since that was at the beginning of the season when no one had played a game yet…And who said anything about over Harrison? How about Suggs or Timmons, retard. Also, last I checked, I think I’ve given the Spurs their praise. You’re an idiot though, so it comes as no surprise that you bring that up.

      • Idiot? I don’t see your basis but I won’t got there. Yes you have given them praise but you were acting like it was a no brainer to have Wake on here just as in the Spurs situation. Suggs has had just as good of year and Wake doesnt’ get a lot of tackles. Then again this is more of a popularity contest.

  5. I’m also surprised that Asante Samuel or Devin McCourty (even tho he’s a rook) isn’t on that list as well.

  6. IT IS A NO-BRAINER TO HAVE WAKE ON THERE. That’s my point. Also, if you’re talking about not having a lot of tackles, you can go on ahead and take Clay Matthews off of the list as well. And yeah, just realized no Samuel…weird.

    And in the Spurs situation, I was far from acting like it was a no-brainer, dude. Far, far, far…Don’t get butt-hurt just because you’re a Spurs fan.

  7. Was never hurt that I’m a Spurs fan lol. I just was giving my real predictions but apparently its always cause “I’m a Spurs fan,” so I can’t rate them where I truly think they are. Spurs are predicted low at times and seem to overachieve so that never bothers me. Just saying compared to his counterparts on the tackels and the Clay Matthews comparison is retarded he leads the league in sacks. Timmons probably won’t make it even though he should just like many other players.

    • You do realize Matthews has 11.5 sacks and Wake, who leads the AFC, has 10.5, right? Frost, would it kill you to look something up every once in a while?

  8. The Chargers have the number 1 ranked defense but no players on the pro bowl d list…..something has to be wrong there….

    • My OLB would probably be Wake (MIA), Harrison (PIT), Phillips (SD). Those 3 have produced better than any other OLB in the AFC up to this point in the season, I believe.

  9. Its still early and sacks don’t guarantee you probowl. This is always debateable don’t get me wrong. Yes I looked it up if you were wondering. Wake should very well deserve to be on here; I’m not disagreeing. According to you, Kevin Durant should of got MVP last year cause he lead the league in scoring? But then again this isn’t the first time you disagreed with me and lost (aka 2010-11 Top 10 NBA Teams). Its just our opinions for now, till the season ends we’ll get a better idea.

  10. Yes, you are disagreeing; you don’t have him on your list. That means you aren’t agreeing. Don’t play stupid and try to mix up my words. You look foolish by not having him on the list, but having Timmons and Suggs over him. Ridiculous. And, yes, sacks do guarantee you the Pro Bowl. Look at Clay Matthews. He went last year because of it and will do just the same this year. He can get to the QB better than just about anybody in football; Wake ain’t too shabby at that either.

    BTW, nice edit on the last two sentences. And, the NBA season is far from over. I’d laugh hysterically if the Spurs fucked up and started playing like crap. Come to think of it, that’s now what I’m hoping for thanks to you acting like the ultimate tool.

  11. I’ll agree with Timmons and a few Chargers players, but either way someone will probably be left off that someone said should of made it, happens every year no surprise. Jerod Mayo could easily be on this list but likely won’t make it cause of the sack rule like yall are stating. On the Spurs thing, it don’t matter to me, I didn’t want to go that way till you started calling me names and what not, but yall usually do that; just by your last comment.

  12. Thats actually a good idea for a new post – Top college QBs going pro but don’t know where Mustain would land on the list if even on the list.

  13. How is Mike Wallace on this list? Dude has 36 catches through 11 games…….. Andre should be on there. He’s injured and is still better than most of the WR’s in the league. Im starting to think you just copy pasted all thisl.

    • Ha, forgot about this. And Aaron Hernandez…um, Jim Leonhard? Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? How are these guys mentioned, dude? Jason Hanson? Jason Pierre-Paul? Neither Jason deserves to go.

      Why didn’t you didn’t split them up by conference?

    • The split was mentioned early it was done but won’t copy over. Regarding Andre he is good but there is only one guy he is better than right now on that list and thats Wallace and not by much.

  14. Andre is injured and still has put up better numbers than Wallace. He’s 3rd in the NFL in yards per game. Wallace is 13th. Either Reggie Wayne or Andre Johnson need to be on this over Wallace, although it’s all irrelevant as there are several players who shouldn’t be on here.

    • Like I said always debateable. Wallace has almost doubled them in TDs and didn’t have his QB for first 5 games. He could only be over one guy so I just chose a guy on a winning team. Like I said early I don’t like how it is popularity contest but that could very well help Andre’s chance since like you said he has been hurt and I don’t like seeing hurt guys sometimes make it. Just a voter’s call.

    • Even Jamaal Charles should be on the list for RB. He’s 2nd in the league in rushing and doesnt even get that many carries. 1021 yrds off 161 attempts which is about a 6.3 avg! League leading rusher Foster has 1147 yrds off 224 carries! Hell, Mendenhall has a league leading 238 carries right now and hasnt surpassed the thousand yard mark yet……..

  15. Frost, you do realize he’s only missed 1 game, right? He’s hurt, yet he’s still putting up better numbers. Thus the reason he should be here and not Wallace. Not really that debatable…

  16. 8 tds vs. 5 tds better numbers? Thought sacks were more important than tackles like you said early? Its just based on vote and how people perceive different players. He could very well be on here.

  17. How is Andre Johnson and Jamaal Charles not on this list? And what about Matt Ryan? The Guru would like to know.

  18. no Justin Tuck or Osi Umenyiora (8 forced fumbles come on). These two have been dominant these predictions are a joke

  19. Also depends when you look at these predictions. Injuries could change this as well as last few games of the season. But in reality the pro bowl like previously said by others is a joke; with the fans voting.

  20. Well of course now, same with Wake. Regarding Samuel, he is just a wimp when it comes to tackling. But it also helps when your team is losing half the time and has to pass. Stats are always hard to compare.

    • Ha, okay Guy. Andre & Wake were good to go for the P.B. when you wrote this article. Nice try ‘covering’ it up.

      • Agree with Murph. I told you Andre should have been included last week for a reason. He missed 1 game and has been injured all season, and yet he’s top 5 statistically in the NFL. I like Wallace, but he’s really only a deep threat. Andre Johnson is one of the most complete receivers in the NFL.

    • Murph your comment is irrelevant by the way. I’m just stating a response to Brad. Of course its easier to say after the “fact.” Whether he is a deep threat or not that doesn’t matter in the pro bowl.

      • Wallace has no business in the Pro Bowl. Period. Andre Johnson? Well, Brad said he’s one of the most complete receivers in the NFL. I’m going to go as far as to say that he is THE most complete receiver in football. He’s that good and he should be rewarded with both a Pro Bowl invitation and an All-Pro invitation.

    • The point we had was that Wallace’s only advantage was TDs. Johnson dominates him in every single other category. It’s like saying Mike Tolbert should make the pro bowl over Maurice Jones-Drew because he has more touchdowns.

  21. This is a moot point because at the same time yall say sacks proceed over number of tackles. Like I said, stats can be hard to compare especially when comparing different eras.

    • I never said anything about sacks, I was talking about how the only reason why Wallace is over Andre is because of receiving TDs; don’t change the subject. And how are we comparing different eras? Last I checked Andre and Wallace both play in the same football league. Just admit it; Andre Johnson is one of the best receivers in the NFL and you had a mental lapse when you left him off the pro bowl list.

  22. Oh he is one of the best by far and would add him back if I redid it, but at that time I didn’t think he deserved it. Pro bowl = fan vote and my vote (at that time) wasn’t for him. I think Wes Welker even deserves to be on this list and others as well; there is always players left off. By the way you aren’t comparing different eras, I was just saying it is even harder when comparing different players from different times and how stats can be skewed. To me it’s just someone’s opinion when it comes down to it.

    • I do agree that fans have way too much voting power which is why Andre Johnson would make it over Wallace even last week. Ask the normal idiot fans who the two players are and at least half of them wouldn’t have a clue who Mike Wallace are. I bet every single one of them would now who Andre Johnson was and that he was good. My question is why would you include a player you thought was worthy in Wallace and then add someone you thought other fans would vote for in Wallace?

  23. That is very true. I almost was going to put players on here that were popular by fans and who they would vote in but that wouldn’t of been any fun.

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