8 comments on “The King Returns To Cleveland

  1. The Heat should be fine , it’s too early. With a lot of new pieces it’s going to take coach Spoelstra time to see what kind of line up he wants to use in certain situations. I don’t think many teams are going to be fond of playing Wade, Lebron and Bosh in a 7 game series.

  2. Don’t know but the concern with them could be how the offense balances out. Or who knows when the playoffs come, I wonder if they will be getting calls (Dwayne Wade) like last nights UCLA vs. Kansas game.

  3. As Mel Brooks said in History of The World Pt 1 ‘ It’s good to be the King’ !

    Bron Bron will have to live with this decision but if the Heat fail to win the title this year all eyes will be on him that’s for sure ! He put it out there with his aspirations as to what he wanted to achieve with the Heat.

    tophatal ………….. :)

  4. Right now I like the Magic and Celtics over Miami. It will be intresting to see how Miami matches the depth of Boston and trying to contain Howard in Orlando.

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