3 comments on “Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Predictions

  1. Neither of the finalists were overly impressive and one could see that their styles still need a great deal of work if they’re to make a name for themselves in the<a href="http://ufc.com/ UFC . I for one am looking to see Koscheck get his ass kicked around the octagon by St Pierre in their upcoming welterweight title bout !


    tophatal ………. :)

    tophatal :)

  2. Yea the finale left something to be desired by both fighters. Johnson looked better than he did on the show, but still has yet to show he can finish fights. Good news is they’re both young and have plenty of potential. It was sad that out of all the fights, there was only 1 submission and 1 knockout.

    Agree on GSP too, he’s one of my favorites. Koscheck is just a punk who deserves the whopping that will come to him next Saturday.

  3. lorkovicious

    If both of these finalists have ambitions to reign amongst the lightweights within UFC then they’ll have a long way and a great deal to learn . The likes of Penn and Frankie Edgar would feast on them at present .

    Koscheck will be in for a rude awakening in that title fight this upcoming Saturday.

    tophatal ……… :)

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