3 comments on “Terrific Ten: NFL Edition

  1. smurfed

    The ass kicking the Jets received last night simply wonderful ! As of now the only residents on Revis’ island were the members of the Minnow . Gilligan, Ginger , The Professor , the Captain, the Howells and Mary Anne are all said to be doing fine . Not so for Darrell Revis , Mark Sanchez and the rest of Rex Ryan’s brood .

    So another dumb ass GM in baseball gets duped into overpaying for a player ? Might’ve guessed it’d be the friggin Nationals’ Mike Rizzo in agreeing to offer Jayson Werth a 7yr $126 million contract for a guy who’s now 31 years old . WTF ? Baseball is in a financial mess no matter how anyone tries to spin it !

    Alan aka tophatal ………………… :)

  2. Never been a fan of Big Ben but he earned my respect after Sunday night. The way he escaped Suggs instead of getting sacked/stripped was huge.

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