12 comments on “Urban Meyer stepping down at UF

  1. Sad to hear he’s stepping down; he’s well respected and was a high character coach. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear his name pop back up in a few years if he gets the itch to coach again (which most coaches who walk away seem to get).

  2. Stepping down ? More like he (Meyer) feels like a prick for lettin’ go of Cam Newton and all he’s left is John Brantley who can’t even lace up his own cleats much less Tebow’s or Newton’s . Now all the Gator fans have to look forward to is playing in the lame ass Outback Bowl against Penn State .


    Meyer is a high character coach ? His RB Chris Rainey threatens to cut his girlfriend’s throat and there’s a police report of the incident and Meyer still has the player playing in a game ? If that’s what you adjudge to be character on Meyer’s part then I’d hate to think what you view as being morally appropriate !

    tophatal …………. :)

    • I’ve personally never liked Urban Meyer, but the guy has proven that he’s a winner. Also, don’t you think it’s kind of a double standard on your part bringing up the Rainey situation, yet saying he was a prick for letting Cam Newton go?; remember, Newton was caught stealing another player’s laptop and charged for it, resulting in getting the boot…

  3. smurfed

    I haven’t got a double standard at all concerning that matter ! I look at this way it’s hypocritical on the part of the faculty there concerning both players to begin with !

    Take a look at the following and you’ll see where I’m coming from with regard to Newton .

    Just click on the link to view .




    After reading then tell me I’m applying a double standard ?


    tophatal …….. :)

    • Ha, calm down, top! I’m not trying to accuse you of anything. I just felt like you came off a little “double-standard-ish” with your comment. Obviously I interpreted it wrong…

  4. smurfed

    Under Meyer’s reign in Gainesville there’ve been sexual assaults , gun violence , grand theft auto and robbery by team members. So tell me what about his program is different from any other collegiate football program across the country ?

    Much of which he refuses to take responsibility for when it comes to the accountability of the players . Never mind that graduation rates there are below the national average.




    tophatal ……. :)

  5. smurfed

    As a coach what are his (Meyer’s) obligations merely to win ? Or to make sure that the program is successful while at the same his players graduate ? Look at what happened with Randy Shannon and the Canes ? They (AD & University President) blew his ass out because he wasn’t winning but under his reign there graduation rates were amongst the highest in the nation amongst D1 schools but at the same time what they failed to realize was that when it came to recruiting was that programs from not only within the state but also outside of it made South Florida their stomping ground in terms of recruiting .

    Meyer as a coach thinks by reputation only that’s good enough for the Gators . When a lot of the problems arose concerning the players some of which he recruited he and the AD tried to blame his predecssor Ron Zook. Is that meant to show character ? He may win but his mantra has been win at any cost !



    tophatal …….. :)

    • Again, the character issue was never brought up by me. Ever. He might be the worst damn person alive. How would I know? I don’t know the man personally.

      • smurfed

        It’s not a matter of knowing the man personally but simply acknowledging his actions as a coach and the things that’ve taken place under his tenure. All you seem to be overly concerned with has been the fact he’s won two national titles with Florida. I look at this way since the loss of Tebow it showed in great light his frailties as a coach and the fact that his recruiting class that so many people were lauding proved to be something of a dud !

        But that alone isn’t the only reason I judge the guy the way I do. I’ve looked at his body of work here and over his career and while impressive his real problem lay in the fact that once the masses became critical of him he couldn’t stand the pressure and that to me says a lot about the guy. His so called excuse as to his resignnation is something of a crock . How many other coaches in collegiate sports aren’t in the same predicament as him when it comes to being a family man ?

        tophatal …… :)

  6. It is really hard to say he couldn’t handle the pressure. What do you base this off of? To me unless you know “his” situation or him personally than it is hard to say any of these opinions.

  7. frost28

    Living here in C Florida we get to see this guy up close and personal when he’s in town and then onm the campus in Gainesville. It’s been obvious that he couldn’t handle much of the criticism leveled at him throughout much of the season with regard to the team’s play and his antics twice in resigning his position.

    Let me put it this way there are coaches at that level with more experience who are also parents but you simply don’t hear them coming up with the excuses that he’s now using. So what does that indicate to you ?

    tophatal ………

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