19 comments on “What a Shocker: Cliff Lee is heading back to Philly

  1. smurfed

    What’s the real shocker the fact that he took less money to return to Philly or the fact that he turned down the Yankees ? Billionaire managing partners and owners in Texas and even they couldn’t lure Lee into remaining with the team . So what’s there to be surprised about ?

    tophatal ……………… :)

    • You’re kidding me right? YES it’s surprising on both accounts. I, for one, had him billed a Yankee the day free agency started, and I know I’m not alone in that regard. NO ONE, I mean not a soul had him heading back to Philly.

  2. Regarding the money, I don’t think it was an issue. Like I said in earlier posts, I think it came down to where he wanted to be, not the money.

      • The reason I stated that is everyone is saying “Its a real shocker the fact that he took less money to return to Philly…,” but Daren Braunecker did a great job in not pressuring his client, because if it was Scott Boras, Lee could very well be heading to New York.

  3. No, no they couldn’t have, nor did they…And, come on top, don’t quote ‘and why not philly?’ like you knew it was a done deal, or even a viable option at any time other than when it was actually announced last night. Everyone and their fucking mom thought it was a Yanks/Rangers showdown with the Yankees having the upper-hand. Why? Because they had the money and weren’t afraid to shell it out. He left $50 million plus on the table from the Yanks, more than the Rangers bid, who coincidentally enough, weren’t going to guarantee the guy a 7th year, thus the reason he said no to them (allegedly, anyway).

    And, I’m sorry, but I got a chuckle with the first part about the whole ALCS thing. Don’t think that had any bearing on his decision whatsoever. The guy decided Philly was where he was going to be probably a whole lot earlier than anybody else knew about, he just decided to keep it close to the vest. Saavy move on his part, I suppose.

    • Very true Murph. And to build upon that, if he would have taken everything from the ALCS to heart, wouldn’t he of taken Philly trading him away to heart as well? If I remember correctly, he teared up or cried when he was traded. It also doesn’t hurt that one of his closest friends, CC Sabathia, is in New York and was actively trying to pursue him. He played this incredibly close to the vest too as most media outlets saw Texas or New York as the only options and couldn’t even pinpoint the rumored third option.

  4. Frost, Daren Braunecker had nothing to do with whether or not Cliff Lee wanted to go anywhere, so I’m not sure what that whole not pressuring his client thing even means. That was Cliff Lee’s decision to return to Philly, not Braunecker’s. Hell, I could’ve played decoy like Lee’s agent did…would that of meant I did a “great job”? I doubt it.

  5. I agree there, I never said Braunecker had anything to do with his decision. He just did his job. Lee wanted to go where he felt most comfortable and it ended up being Philly. I’m just not surprised that it wasn’t New York.

    • Enlighten me, Frosty…how did Braunecker do his job, or as you say a great job, again? And, if you’re surprised he didn’t end up in N.Y., then surely you must’ve thought he was going to stay in Texas (like, I’m sure, most Rangers fan did)…

  6. Great job in the fact that Braunecker was able to produce two huge offers then a third. One from the Yankess and one from the Rangers. After that, he got his client a third one from the Phillies which he ended up signing with. To me that is a great job and the fact that he didn’t pressure or force his client to take the larger deal goes to show that he did what was best for his client. As for the Rangers, yeah I thought he was going to stay, guess not now.

    Just curious, what percent does the agent get on this deal with Lee? Numbers wise?

    • I didn’t know the agent had any bearing as to where a client is going to sign, especially in a situation involving a star like Cliff Lee, who could have his pick as to where he wanted to end up. He did what was best for his client, by, what, telling him to sign with Philly? LOL. K. Have fun continuing to live in dreamworldfantasyland.

      Also, how would I know what Braunecker gets from Lee’s contract? I’m not Daren Braunecker.

  7. Best for the client in getting all possible offers. I wasn’t there so can’t say much but still it worked out alright I think.

  8. smurfed

    Most agents get anywhere between 8 _15% of the client’s contract in terms a deal’s negotiation dependent upon terms.

    It was never a done deal ‘tween the Rangers and Yankees merely the press’s take on the options out there . And that’s what everyone fell into in terms of the perceptions raised. Amaro was merely waiting in the wings as he’d initially approached Lee to gauge his interest about a return to Philly.

    tophatal ………..

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