9 comments on “Brink of a Collapse?

  1. Who’s now left on Revis’ Island on than the cast passengers off the SS Minnow …………. Gilligan the Skipper , Mary Anne , Ginger , the Howells and the Professor are all said to be having fun.

    tophatal …………

  2. I hope the Jets make it 3 consecutive games with a TD, tired of hearing them talk mess. I wonder if Rex still thinks they are the best team like he did on Hardknocks? Or he’s too busy eating a snack…

    • Didn’t the Jets’ season become worse aftet the loss the Dolphins and the insidious behavior of their strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi ? That dumb ass now makes Snooki and The Situation seem all the more intelligent !

      The apology afterwards was an even bigger joke !

      tophatal ……..

      • It really baffles me on why he did that. What were the Jets really going to get out of that tripping? So pointless and dumb….

  3. But take this into consideration also at least Sanchez is having a better season than that of his USC predecessors Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer . Where are those two at this moment in time ?

    tophatal …………

      • jgome

        Alosi thought with the Brett Favre experience and Jenn Sterger it was best tripping Nolan Carroll rather than exposing himself to the player . On the other hand for all we know Alosi may well swing that way .


        Matt Cassel may or not be the best qb to have left USC in the last eight years but does anyone truly believe that a team from the AFC West that may well come out of the division with a sub .500 record at worse is going to be relevant in the postseason . The AFC West and NFC West are so god-damn awful that it’s way to painful to watch at times .

        The reason behind Favre’s erratic season and his erection for the now infamous picture .

        tophatal ……………….

  4. I think Palmer’s time in Cincy is slowing coming to an end, it’s time for some change. Leinart just blows….talk about a joke. Sanchez has the potential, just have to wait and see. Right now, I wouldn’t want any of those three.

  5. Yeah, Cassel’s wrecking, but he needs to stay healthy. If KC loses again they could be in trouble and everyone knows if Croyle is starting then its an automatic W for the other team. But I guess it can’t get ne worse then Webb starting at QB.

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