4 comments on “The Streak Continues

  1. Josh, I know you were just posing a question, but I do gotta say, it’s pretty silly to even ask. Sidney Crosby will be on of the all-time greats, no doubt, but no one will ever touch Gretzky.

    Gretzky has 2,857 total points for his career (894 goals, 1,963 assists). The second leading scorer in NHL history is Mark Messier with 1,887 total points (694 goals, 1,193 assists). If you took away all of Gretzky’s goals from his point total and ONLY counted his assists, he’d still be the all time leading scorer by 76pts!!

    This season Crosby is averaging 1.71 pts per game and is on pass to score 140pts, which would be his highest point total so far in his NHL career. Minus his rookie season when Gretzky has 137pts, it took another 12 seasons before he had under 140pts.

    Even this streak, which is now at 25 games, isn’t close to Gretzky’s streak of 51 straight games scoring a point. In those 51 games he had 153pts!!

    He also won 4 stanley cups, as well as 1 silver and 3 golds in the Canada Cup (the equivalent to the World Cup in soccer, prior to NHLers being able to play in the Olympics). The dude put hockey on the map in California when he played for the Kings. I mean he even had his own freakin’ shoe!! (http://store.vintagepaperads.com/servlet/-strse-36158/1996-LA-Gear-Wayne/Detail)

    So what was the point of all that?? To show, without a question of a doubt, that Wayne Gretzky is the greatest there ever was and the greatest there ever will be, when it comes to hockey. They say some records are meant to be broken. That also means there are some that aren’t meant to be broken, and Gretzky’s record of total points will never, ever be broken. Greatest ever. Period.

  2. All I know is that he is wrecking right now so I thought I’d give him a shout since he has a good little streak going.

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