7 comments on “NHL Power Rankings

  1. What you think of the Sharks? I don’t think they crack this list but are on a win streak and could have the rookie of the year.

    • Yeah, I had them right there. They would’ve been 11, lol. They are nasty and are playing really good right now. The Pacific Division is loaded.

    • Yeah, they are very good. Losing Datsyuk hurts, as I stated, however, if there is a team that can overcome a loss of a player like that, it’s the Wings. After seeing them last night, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re going to be just fine.

      • I think they’re sort of like the Patriots. I’d argue that Lindstrom is their Brady (a little older, but also a longer run starting in 1996). He’s led their D for almost 20 years now, they guys amazing. Then there have always been other good pieces around so they can constantly compete at the top of the league. They lose someone (Franzan last year), but they have enough weapons and really good guys on the bench who when the time comes, are able to step up. I think it’ll be Vancouver or Detroit coming from the west. It’s a toss up who wins that. Coming from the East, I like Boston.

  2. Damn, Boston? Interesting. I think they have a solid group of guys, but I have them in the 3-4-5 range as far as teams ranked in order I’d have coming out of the East. Of course, there is still plenty of season left so much can happen. As far as the West, Detroit and Vancouver are 1-2, without question. After that, it gets interesting with teams like Dallas (who got obliterated last night by Detroit, as we’ve stated already), L.A., Chicago. I just have a hard time seeing a team other than Detroit or Vancouver coming out of the West. However, if I had to pick one, I’d pick the reigning Stanley Cup champs. They still have a lot of firepower left, especially with the return of Hossa.

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