4 comments on “NFL Head Coaching Carousel

  1. Good, he shouldn’t be. Sparano is a good coach, but it seems like some teams are tempted to over-react which is a terrible idea considering the potential lock-out coming up.

  2. lorkovicious

    With the amount of money that Steve Ross (owner of Dolphins) and his celeb friend have vested in the Dolphins I think that he was under the impression that and Sparano would be all that would be needed to get the job. Unfortunately when you’ve got a qb like Henne that job is next to impossible .

    I think that a number of teams around the league won’t actually come to any decision concerning coaching moves until they know for sure that next season there will be NFL football and not a complete lockout and labor stoppage . And as of now not even Goodell or the union have assured the fans of anything at all.

    tophatal …………

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