6 comments on “As easy as 1-2-3

  1. Eagles struggled last three weeks of the season so wasn’t a surprise to me. Their offense has been very inconsistent. They do not do a great job of spreading the field out into 4 WR sets and with a weak running game that doesn’t help either. The better team definitely won this game.

    • LMFAO, gee Frost, you didn’t per chance rank this article less than 5 stars, did you? Bitterness ain’t the answer, brah. Also, the Eagles are VERY good at spreading the ball in 4-receiver sets. Jason Avant has become one of the most reliable #3 receiver’s in football, behind Maclin & Jackson. He ravaged the Packers secondary/LB core yesterday. In fact, I believe he was their best receiver easily. Not real sure where you’re getting your info from, bro.

  2. You probably misinterpreted me. They came out in 2 WR sets a lot and the times they did do 3 WR or 4 WR sets they had productive gains. They are good at spreading it out into into 4 WR sets but didn’t do it much in the game. The should of spread the field out a lot more so there woudln’t be as many defenders in the box. I thought they could of utilized Jackson and even Maclin more in some screens and what not on first down.

    • Ah, I gotcha. Jackson getting hurt really put a damper on this offense from the get-go. Yeah, he came back, but I don’t believe he was 100%.

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