10 comments on “NFC Playoff Preview: Packers vs. Falcons

  1. I like Atlanta, but watching them this season they’ve always won at the end with a little luck or help. I just can’t help but think their luck runs out. I think it will be a closer game, but same end result (GB by 3 points).

      • Not necessarily. Even if he plays lights out, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win, although it would go a long, long way. Aaron Rodgers > Matt Ryan. Think the Pack have a better all-around team than the Falcons and are playing better. But, again, we’ll find out on Saturday.

  2. Dont forget about the Falcons D. John Abraham is going to be in Rodgers face the whole game. I like the Falcons in this one. But this is coming from the guy who only picked one game correctly last weekend…

    • Haha, true dat. We’ll see about Abraham, though. I know he’s got a motor, but I could see him getting shutdown. Again, though, I’ve got my yellow & green glasses on. He could also come out and have a 3-sack game. Anything’s possible.

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