6 comments on “NBA Midseason Awards

  1. Gary Neal biggest surprise? GARY F-ING NEAL!? Really? Yeah, that Spurs kool-aid must be tasting pretty good, ay J-Gome? Dorell Wright says hi. In fact, I would’ve put him as my MPI & biggest surprise rather promptly in all honesty. I like Nick Young’s game, and he has had a nice year, but ALL he does is score. Dorell Wright can hit open shots, drain from outside (which is what he does best), but also pull down his fair share of rebounds (16.6 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 2.9 apg; better all-around stats than Gary Neal/Nick Young by a long shot). And, I sincerely doubt Gary Neal would be starting for many other teams, either. Name 10 teams you think he could start for…much harder than you originally thought I’m sure.

    Also, biggest disappointment, throw Milwaukee in the mix as well. 14-24 at this point in the season after last year’s success is a monster disappointment for a franchise looking to take that next step. Funny how the two teams you mentioned as disappointments lost franchise players to major injuries (HOU – Yao, POR – B. Roy), and Milwaukee lost B. Jennings (their franchise PG) for a very long period of time (2+ months). Shouldn’t the biggest disappointment be a team that has all of their players healthy, but doesn’t live up to expectations? Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents.

    SIDENOTE: Not having Aaron Brooks to man down point has hurt the Rockets greatly as well. I like Kyle Lowry, but the man ain’t a starter (of course, Guy just picked him up in fantasy; go figure, right?). But, I will admit, it is tough to say that being in last at this point in the season isn’t surprising. I would’ve said 3rd, to be honest. But, that’s why you play the games, right? Oh, and I like the Amare pick by the way. Many think Derrick Rose would be MVP right now, and it’s hard to go against that with the way he’s been playing the entire year (just had a trip-doub yesterday, actually), but I like what Amare has done for the Knickerbockers. They look like a completely different team with him as their go-to guy.

  2. Oh, and it hasn’t been all because of Amare, either. Raymond Felton (a FA pick-up) better make the All-Star squad this year. Look at his #’s: 17.9 ppg, 8.8 apg, 3.9 rpg, 1.9 spg. Those are legit stats right there. Him, coupled with Amare, have made this team a serious playoff contender.

  3. Yeah Dorrell Wright pretty much doubled his numbers from last year, which is a surprise and is playing pretty well. Gary Neal has been one as well, being essentially a rookie and being in the top 22 in three pointers made while only playing only 18 minutes a game and coming off the bench. Starting for other teams though, I don’t likely see that, only way he probably would is if he was 2-3 inches taller and even at that he still needs to be cautious of his trigger happy three point shooting at times. My surprise player would go to Eric Gordon but I like Wright and Neal as well.

  4. I obviously through in Neal cuz im a spurs fan…duh!!! Plus, not too shabby for a rookie. Gordon’s sick too, but he was on team USA so he was bound to break out of his shell soon.

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