5 comments on “What Were They Thinking?

  1. Yeah i dont understand this one at all. Being a big Rangers, fan im not complaining! Obviously the Halos are losing on the financial end of the deal, but I think Napoli is the best player in the trade too.

  2. Napoli just got traded to the Rangers. Um, WOW. What a huge pick-up for Texas. To me, this still looks like the team to beat in the AL.

  3. Your tellin me. Man, im ecstatic! This team will be untouchable against left-handed pitching. Great day to be a Rangers fan. Take that Angels! The Rangers might not be done just yet either… I could see Napoli being flipped again or the possibility of Young being traded too. Only time will tell.

    • Na, I think Napoli stays. In that ballpark, prepare for this guy to wreak some major havoc. I think Young is the odd man out. And, Texas could use another starter…I’m wondering who would be willing to eat that contract of Mike Young’s.

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