9 comments on “2011 NFL Draft Positional Rankings: Offense

  1. Gosh, I remember (and Frost does too I’m sure) a few years ago when DeAndre Brown was a 5-star receiver out of the state of Mississippi and supposedly had Tech as his leader. Of course, being the horrific recruiter that Mike Leach was, he didn’t end up in West Texas, instead deciding to stay closer to home and play at USM. Thought the kid was going to be unreal in the college ranks; if he hadn’t of gruesomely broken his leg, he might have been just that. I suppose no one will ever know…

    • Brown is oozing with talent. Sad thing is I doubt anyone gives him a chance because of his medical history. He could end up being the Danario Alexander of this year’s draft if someone does though.

  2. I cant think of there name, but the TE that was suspended for the season out of south carolina, and the TE out of USC are solid sleeper TE’s.

    • Outside of Rudolph, this years tight end class is abysmal. Weslye Saunders is talented, but was kicked off the team for his senior season. With how much emphasis teams put on character, he won’t get touched until round 5 or later. If you’re looking for a true no-name sleeper tight end, look no further than Julius Thomas out of Portland State. He was a starter on their basketball team before trying out for the football team. He looked pretty good at the East-West Shrine Game as well.

      • Yeah, I heard about this kid from Portland St. and saw a couple of videos. Very raw, but is uber-athletic. Would be an interesting pick late in the draft for somebody.

    • Ha, I still remember playing Fendi in H.S. bball. Dude was a freak athlete. Wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t gone to U of A and had stuck closer to home (i.e. UT or A&M)…

  3. Call me crazy but from the QB’s, I think McElroy, Dalton,and Stanzi could be good late draft picks. Is it me or do i think this year’s QB class is weak? None of these QB’s really make your jaws fall, besides Luck, but he opted to go back to school. Like, Mallet is ok, but he’s Mr. Interception when the games on the line. Gabbert is the top qb by default. Cam’s is a wildcard. Weak QB class IMO.

    • It’s a fair assessment to say it’s a weak class, although I think there are some solid mid-rounders like you mentioned. This years class lacks the true #1 QB as right now it’s Gabbert but only by default. All of the other first rounders have some big risks associated with them and are really boom-bust players.

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