11 comments on “The Rangers lineup just got even better

  1. Im willing to bet the Rangers arent done yet. Log jam at the DH/1B position now. I feel another move is imminent. I can see the Rangers going and getting a CF or another SP.

    • +1 on the pitcher. Don’t know about the whole ace thing. In fact, Texas really doesn’t even have an ace. Would they be willing to part ways with Mike Young? I say yes; the problem, however, would probably be who would be willing to eat that contract?

  2. They may not do anything other then dump MY’s terrible contract. I dont think they get an ace, but I bet they get another guy to throw into the mix.

  3. The Angels are obviously stupid enough to absorb terrible contracts, so I definitely wouldnt rule out the possibilty. Young is from Cali too. Just sayin

    • No way they trade him in-division. MY is still a productive player, so I doubt he gets flipped within the division.

  4. i dont see it either, but if anyone offers them something reasonable to get his salary off the books the rangers will accept it. u dont pay 13-16 mill for a dh. im not a big my fan so i hope they get it done

  5. just got done watchin mlb network on the trade and what it means for MY, and they think he’ll be traded. They said the 2 teams that could use him are the angels and rockies. im tellin u it could happen. they need help at third and have a large payroll. i hope it doesnt happen bc they are the rangers top rival, but young really doesnt fit anywhere on this team anymore. like i said before, 16 mill to a dh, and one of rangers ability, is not worth 16 mill a year.

    • Plausible? Yes. Doubtful, still. I just have a hard time believing it happens. But, he is a Cali guy and has been a team player his entire career, so if they approached him about the idea of heading to Southern California, and he was okay with the idea, if the “right” deal came up, I suppose Jon Daniels & Co. would pull the trigger.

  6. I bet the Rangers are to the point where they just want someone to pick up most of his salary. I dont think the Rangers are looking for much in return. The Rangers are a much more flexible team without MY around and would be a much more dangerous team around the trade deadline this summer with even more financial flexibilty. Your right though, it is a longshot to happen, but I wouldnt rule out the possibility. I respect everything MY has done for the Rangers and think he deserves a chance to play everyday somewhere else.

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