5 comments on “EPL Transfer Round-Up

  1. $40 million on Darrent Bent ? Oh to be a dumb ass owner in the Premiership ! It’s no wonder more than half the teams now are said to be suffering financially in the Premiership !

    There isn’t really all that much difference between the idiot owners in MLB and those of the Premiership ! They’ve got more money than common sense !

    Hicks and Gillette didn’t know when to call it quits and have simply ruined all of their sporting interests along the way !

    tophatal ……

  2. Great post! Why would New Castle let there best offensive player go? I dont know much about the financial side of things in the soccer world yet, but seems like you keep your up and coming players. Im assuming the transfer fee goes to to the club and then the team also has to cut a new contract with the player?

  3. I believe majority in the EPL are currently in debt. For instance, I know Chelsea lost about 71 mil pounds last season even tho they won the EPL. But ya transfer fees are ridiculous just to acquire a player and it doesn’t even include salary. Especially for Carroll. Def not worthy of 35 mil.

  4. First off i will agree with you that Liverpool’s lucas will not cut it. I have not liked lucas from day 1. But there are many things i disagree with you on. Liverpool has wingers, we have maxi rodriguez dirk kuyt joe cole. Raul Miereles is not a winger he plays in the middle behind gerrard and his been on great form lately. I like Miereles and Gerrard in the middle with Carroll and Suarez up top. Miereles can will be able to send in some great balls to Suarez and Carroll while also adding and outside shot. Carroll was not worth 35 million but we were desperate we sold Ryan Babel and its hard to turn down 50 million euros for Torres. It was basically a trade but we come out with a striker and 15 million Euros. Also Just to throw some history about liverpool’s owners in here for you, New Eangland Sports Venture in 2004 traded Nomar Garcia Para and Red Sox Nation was in an uproar, and then went on to win the World Series. Hopefully Liverpool can do the same after getting rid of Torres.

    • Na, Joe Cole is so overrated. Hasn’t done much since like 07-08. I think getting rid of Torres was a good thing tho, he’s been injured all the time and hasn’t been the same guy since. As for strikers, they should have gave a go for Ngog, he’s gonna be bad ass when he matures. I personally think the Reds have the wrong personnel to win right now, but still have a few months to go so we’ll see. Anyways, who’s in first again, I forgot?

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