4 comments on “On the Move?

  1. When TO comes up smelling like a bed of roses and the likes of Marvin Lewis, Palmer and Ocho come off looking like as_holes then you know all isn’t well the land of the ‘nnati !

    The state of Ohio as a sport’s landscape ain’t looking so grand at present. I mean the Cavs’ season is putting both the “Bungles” and Browns to shame ! Nice !!!!

    tophatal ……….

      • smurfed

        When the sport’s highlight now is looking at the box-score for a Cavs’ game to see their margin of loss is now more interesting than anything they’re doin’ on the court then you know things are really bad !

        Palmer won’t be going anywhere because no team would be stupid enough to give up what the Bengals would be looking for to get him . That being said if they were that dumb then they’d only have themselves to blame !

        It’s not as if the player has been setting the world alight in recent years to begin with !

        tophatal …………

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