24 comments on “Pujols Turns Down Contract Extension

  1. The dude is going to rake until his late 30s. If Manny can put up so-so numbers and doesnt stay in nearly the kind of shape Albert does; I think he can do it. If he goes to the AL I think he could put up great numbers until hes 40. He creates 30 mill in revenue easily by himself and not to mention as he ages hes going to start owning the record books. Like I said in my post, pay the man.

  2. The Cardinals front office can ill afford to let this guy (Pujols ) test the free agent market . Without him that team becomes distinctly ordinary !

    They’ll probably come to a compromise of a 5 or 7 year deal that pays him on average $25 million a year. It’s not as if they haven’t got the money to begin with .

    tophatal …..

  3. Just negotiating tactics that will play out. I wouldn’t pay for 10 years either. What happens if he has career ending injury in year one or two, then what does the organization do? Just negotiate and let time take its toll till the player is not getting a pay check then he will give in some, hopefully.

    • frost 28

      But it appears that La Russa is doing his very best to make those negotiations go south with his now redundant idiotic statements blaming the MLBPA (union) and in particular union head Michael Weiner .

      La Russa should shut the hell up and leave the negotiations between the player , his agent and team GM John Mozeliak .

      I don’t think anyone intervened when La Russa was said to be negotiating the renewal of his contract with the Cardinals . So why the hell should he now be making these statements ?

      tophatal …………….

  4. The dude is going to get 30mill for 10yrs somewhere. A player like this comes around once every blue moon and he deserves to get paid, relatively speaking. After seeing the ESPN report tonight, I think free agency is looking like the route he’s going to take. He has no reason to compromise; hes the best in the game and deserves to get paid. The players union is obviously pushing for him to see a mega deal too, for what it’s worth. Im thinking Albert is just using scare tactics and that the Cards will probably come to there sinces at the beggining of the next offseason when players can start signing. Like I said in my post though, the Angels will be lurking…

  5. He definitely deserves to get paid, but for 10 years? He would be 41. He has good chances since plays first base so there is longevity there. I just don’t like first baseman getting paid a shit load compared to shortstops and outfielders, even though he is a great fielder. What happened to the “helping” out the team Albert? I think he could do it but if I was the organization I would try for 5-8 and see what happens. Ideally, I think seven years is fair.

  6. its been said they offered him 8 and he turned it down. he should hold out for what he wants, bc someone will give it to him. he should go to the AL so he can dh when he gets into his late 30s he can slide nicely into the dh spot and be a better version of edgar martinez. i dont blame him one bit for waiting to get what he wants. if douche bag a-fraud can get his money then albert more then deserves to get his. just sayin

  7. If it weren’t for agents such as Scott Boras then MLB wouldn’t be in the mess it’s now in financially. When Boras negotiated A-Rod’s $250 million contract with the Texas Rangers who in their right mind would have done that deal ? Tom Hicks (owner at the time) is an ass and always will be !

    His Hicks Sports Group is on the verge of financial ruin and he’s now trying to sue Red Sox ownership after they bought Premiership team Liverpool from the UK High Courts as the organization had defaulted on their loans and had been forced into bankruptcy because of Hicks’ mismanagement . He (Hicks) wouldn’t know the difference ‘tween a baking sheet and a balance sheet !

    tophatal ……………..

  8. Frost I dont know what Id do if Texas got Pujols. That would be nuts. Hamilton and Pujols back to back would be the best combo EVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!

    • It won’t happen. The dude is going to re-up with the Cards; it’s just going to take more time than either party would’ve liked.

      • smurfed

        Pujols will be with the Cardinals long term I think and the deal may well be in line with 8 years @ $25 million a year nothing or nothing less I think will be his and his agent’s asking price .

        tophatal …………..

      • Yeah, that deal sounds about right with the Cards. And I’m sure the Rangers are ‘interested’, hell who wouldn’t be interested in the best player in baseball, but is it plausible to think he would go to Texas? I just don’t see it. I have to admit, though, seeing him as a Ranger, in perhaps already the best lineup in baseball, would be absolutely unbelivable, and it would probably prolong his career with a switch to the AL (being able to DH).

  9. why wouldnt they be interested? ppl would go to the ballpark in masses just to see hamilton and pujols. you think they wouldnt throw crazy money at pujols after what they tried to give lee? who wouldnt want this guy. he generates enough revenue himself to pay his salary.

    • You also have to remember, though, Lee and Pujols are different entities. What wins championships as the old adage goes? Pitching does. As much as I love Pujols, who is the best player in baseball, throwing ridiculous money at him as opposed to Lee, I believe, can be categorized as 2 seperate things. Do I think they would throw a lot of money to Pujols? Sure, why not? I just don’t truly believe they would “break the bank” like they would have for Lee…

      • smurfed

        Bud Selig could bury his head in the sand like an ostrich ignore what’s happening within the game and still end up kissing his own a_s in the process ! It’s hard to believe that this guy is being paid in excess of $ 15 million a year to simply f_ck up the game ! He’s earned in excess of $65 million in the last four years alone inclusive of bonuses .

        tophatal ………………

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