9 comments on “Spring Training Preview: AL West

  1. Not really anything catchy the A’s have going for them. They still have a week lineup and they dont really have any position battles. Their bullpen is improved but it doesnt make for much of a storyline. Their pitching staff will be the same except for the last spot and they have 2 former injury prone Rangers competing for the 5th spot; not to mention Harden has already been shut down for a few weeks. I think the Rangers are the most interesting to right now in the division because of the way they caught lightning in a bottle a few months ago. I dont think they have the pitching to hold up right now so I think it will be more interesting to see if they can figure it out in spring training. I said 5 storylines to watch for, not 1 for every team. Sure Im a little bias but to these are the most intriguing things to watch over the new few weeks. GO RANGERS!

    • I feel ya. The Rangers are loaded and the A’s, quite frankly, aren’t anything too special, although I did like some of the moves they made this off-season (i.e. acquiring David DeJesus, signing Hideki Matsui & Iwakuma). The AL West, with 3 solid teams, looks to be a tough division.

  2. Just a baseball note. A Red Sox vs. Phillies World Series would be nice to see, even though I’m not rooting for that. Losing Jason Werth is not that bad when you can bring up Domonic Brown a 6’5 five tool player who is going to be a stud.

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