8 comments on “Carmelo To The Knicks

  1. I hear that ESPN radio’s Stephen A Smith is pleasuring himself in the same way that SNL’s Tracy Morgan is said to have done each time Sarah Palin appeared on tv ? How quaint !

    The Knicks will still suck because DAntoni’s teams simply can’t play a lick of defense !

    tophatal ………..

    • I’m sure all Spurs fans will agree about D’Antoni’s lack of defense. I remember all those series in the mid-2000’s where the Suns would score 105 and give up 115.

      • lorkovicious

        Knicks’ owner and GM Dolan and Walsh give a new meaning to Ewing’s statement ……. “we spend a lot of money because we make a lot of money” ! At the time Ewing was giving testimony in a Federal racketeering case where he and teammates had dropped $20k in a strip club . So I guess it all makes sense ?

        tophatal …………

    • I think they did too, but they have nothing to lose. It’s not like they were a serious contender so might as well see what ‘Melo and Amare can do together for a few years. Now they just need what they traded away: role players and solid yet unspectacular starters. Fields and Billups are set as starters, they just really need a true big and to let Amare go crazy at PF.

    • They need some more shooters on the court to spread the floor. Chaunceys good but is declining. They should have kept Gallinari. I guess Toney Douglas? Wait, no worries, they got Roger Mason Jr.

  2. Either way this is going to sell tickets in New York for a while. As for role players, Brewer and Azubuike aren’t bad if they can play up to their potential. I see this team missing shooters with Chandler and Gallinari gone.

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