18 comments on “Is a top-10 program in ‘hot water’?

  1. What do you think they did? Supposedly Nike may have been giving these recruits Nike contracts hmmm.

  2. Simply look no further than the mess with the U Conn Huskies under Calhoun and what’s now going on with the Vols’ basketball and football programs . Bruce Pearl , former Vols’ football coach Lane Kiffin and Jim Calhoun will merely get a slap on the wrist while those programs will lose financially because of their misdeeds !

    The NCAA on the other hand will merely pick and choose who they ultimately wish to punish !

    tophatal …………..

  3. Crazy to hear about this, I’m wondering what will happen as far as punishment goes. It could end up being like the SMU scandal during the 1980’s which would be crazy.

    • Well, I suppose potentially, that could happen, but I think we are many, many months (years?) away from this. For now, it is all speculation; let’s keep that in mind. However, you have to kinda wonder with the kids that Oregon has racked up from our home state over the last couple of years, including getting Anthony Wallace this year, the LB from Dallas Skyline (offers included UT, OU, UF, USC, Auburn, Alabama…you get the point). Normally where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

      • smurfed

        Phil Knight co-founder of Nike essentially owns the city of Beaverton and he’s by far in a way Oregon’s biggest donor/booster to the school’s athletics’ program . So anything resembling impropriety by Nike and he may well hurt the school far more than it’ll aid it ! That being said I’m not so sure that Mark Emmert (NCAA President) and the NCAA can even be trusted to do what’s right !

        That b> body (NCAA) has continued to be self serving and wherein their only real interest has been the “Almighty Dollar ” ! Everything else pales into insignificance even the interests of the student athlete !

        tophatal …………….

  4. A lot of chatter today regarding a meeting DeAnthony Thomas had with the NCAA here within the last 24 hours. Not entirely sure what it was about…

  5. smurfed

    There are far more seedier things going on , on the campus of BYU than the faculty would like to let on . This might be just the tip of the iceberg as far as Brandon Davies is concerned .

    tophatal …………….

  6. All this within a Mormon institution ? Wow ! I wonder if any of the priests at Notre Dame ever popped a peek at the guys on the basketball team or football team while they were either in the locker room or showers naked ? You know how these priests like to get their swerve on ? I’m sure the Vatican made sure that when they got the pedophiles out of those diocese in a quick fire manner some of ’em ended up there . . Their mantra being starve a cold feed a fever !

    Consenting sex between two adults and the fact that it was Davies’ girlfriend didn’t matter ?

    tophatal …………………..

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