5 comments on “The Has Beens March Madness Brackets

  1. jgome

    This tournament will be littered with some major upsets when it’s all said and done. Florida got its a_s handed to them by Kentucky in the SEC tournament . And Duke showed why they should never be overlooked by laying the wood to North Carolina .

    So Arsenal with no Premiership game over the weekend but they somehow find a way of bowing out of the FA Cup by losing to Man U 2-0 in a rather mild mannered fashion .

    tophatal ……………………..

  2. What’s new, Arsenal choking away another trophy. So much young talent on that roster, but they are mentally weak. Do you think Fabregas leaves for his hometown Barca during the summer?

    • jgome

      On a good day Arsenal can even make abysmal seem acceptable but when they’re bad you simply want to just puke your guts up !

      If the money is right Fabregas’d …. screw his own sister and then go to Barca !

      tophatal ……………

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