9 comments on “Fredette about it

  1. jgome

    Fredette’s game against the Gators was bad it was akin to seeing Sheen have one of his meltdowns ! Only in this case the definition of winning here was for the Cougars to lose with an a_s kicking coming courtesy of the Gators .

    Jimmer Fredette you’ve just been Punk’d !

    tophatal …………….

      • jgome

        So you’re the culprit givin’ Ochocinco pointers ? I see he’s made the reserves (team) for Sporting Kansas ? Hopefully he’ll have time to tap the a-s of Antoine Walker’s ex wife Evelyn ? Hell I’d rather do that ……. than kick a damn ball around after all he’s gotta have “some jack” in the bank !

        Sports in Brief: Ochocinco is MLS reserve

        After a five-day tryout proved that he was a good teammate who lacked enough soccer skills, NFL star Chad Ochocinco got what he was hoping for Tuesday – a spot on the reserve team for Sporting Kansas City.

        “This is so awesome I’m an honorary member of SportingKC and can train with the reserve team as long as I want,” Ochocinco said in a tweet. “Totally awesome ILuvKC.”


        Click on link to read in full.


        tophatal ……………

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