18 comments on “Final Four Predictions: VCU v. Butler

  1. jgome

    I think that this game will be too close to call as both teams are evenly matched ! . The deciding factor could come down the experience shown by the respective coaching staffs . And that where I think that Stevens has the edge as he’s been in this position before with his staff . Smart on the other hand simply has to got to go with what got him and the team to where they’re at now and hope that his staff are the equal of the opponent .

    How naive are the NCAA ? They’re pi_sed that the executives who ran the Fiesta Bowl were out there hiring hookers to make sure that they had sex with the right people in order that the Bowl game and the Fiesta Bowl got favorable reviews and sponsorship deals during the event. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive says he wants nothing to do with that type of an organization . Who’s he kidding ? That’s like Charlie Sheen saying he’ll no longer associate or have sex with hookers or porn stars !

    tophatal ……………….

    • Yeah, this can can honestly go either way. Both teams have veterans on the court as VCU has many seniors, and Butler has been in this position before. It’s going to be very interesting to see what type of style of basketball the game will bring. Butler loves to slow the game down as VCU likes to get out and run. VCU has been lights out from 3 and Butler defends the 3 just as good as anyone. Somethings gotta give. I agree, Brad Stevens is a guru when it comes to X’s and O’s. Shaka is more of a great motivator and players coach, in my opinion. If it came to a coaching duel, advantage will go to Butler. I just think the speed VCU’s possesses makes it tough for other teams to match up with.

      • jgome

        It’s going to come down to X’s and O’s like you said but the coaches and their respective staffs will definitely have their say.

        In the other semi-final I’m no great admirer of either …. Calhoun or Calipari given their way of going about things in terms of breaking the rules and then not willing to step up to the plate and admit they cheated .

        tophatal ……………

    • The NCAA ,infact, does make a lot of money off of athletes, but if they were to pay the players, it will be too difficult to determine. If we pay the men’s bball and football players would we have to pay baseball or even women’s bball, vball or softball? How about track? It will be too dificult to determine.

      • jgome

        Ryan Karhut

        What’s wrong in simply paying the athletes a per-diem covering their semesters ? Or does the NCAA simply want to play the role being looked upon as no better than the damn drug cartels and how they damn well operate ? They’ve never had the athletes’ best interest much like the unions within sports and the governing bodies of the four major professional sports .

        tophatal …………..

  2. Not only that, but only a very few Athletic programs are actually making profit in the NCAA. Now asking them to pay student athletes would be difficult on their budgets.

    • frost28

      There’s a disparity with how much some schools receive from the NCAA . And that if anything needs to be addressed ! The NCAA ….. makes the actions of the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels seem all the more legit !

      tophatal …………………….

  3. smurfed

    USA Today recently published a story as to who some of the highest paid coaches were in collegiate athletics . Topping them all was Louisville’s of Rick Pitino who’s said to be earning in excess of $6.5 million a year . Other than Shanahan of the Redskins Carroll with the Seahawks and Phil Jackson with the Lakers I can’t think of any coach other than Saban with the Tide who earns in excess $4 million a year as a coach in sports within N America . You tell me what coach at the collegiate level deserves to be paid that exorbitantly ?

    tophatal …….

    • Well, I believe Mack Brown gets over 5 mill. a year now and Stoops is up there also. But, I agree…

      • I’ve heard that Charlie Sheen think that’s a pittance as he’s spent far more on hookers over the course of his career .

        tophatal ……………….

  4. For the amount of revenue they generate $4 mil isn’t too bad. But I do think more than $5 mil is excessive.

  5. And Mack Brown , in large part his compensation is primarily tied to endorsements and other off the field activities overseen by the university . But his base isn’t as high as Pitino’s or Stoops or Saban for that matter.

    tophatal ……………..

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