3 comments on “Smurfed’s MLB Predictions

  1. smurfed

    My only prediction insomuch as it regards MLB will be that Selig will still be around ruining the game for the masses ! He’s like a nasty STD that you simply can’t get rid off !

    The Mets are looking to sell 40% of the team for $200 million ? For one tenth of that $200 million I’d rather splurge on throwing a party and have Charlie Sheen provide the entertainment with his stable of hookers and porn stars !

    tophatal …………

      • smurfed

        Well that’d be my sort of party ! Slutty porn stars and hookers ! Ain’t nuthin’ better other than perhaps group sex with three sexually voracious female nymphos ! Can I get an Amen and a hallelujah on that ?

        Who doesn’t love a slutty girl when it comes to sex ? That may well be only sane thing with Sheen and his present situation ! Did that crazy b_tch she loves Sheen for his brain ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

        tophatal ……………………

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