4 comments on “Champions League Quarter-Finals First Leg: Real Madrid v. Tottenham

  1. peter crouch is such a fuck up. he got a red in champions league with liverpool too. Just stop trying to make tackles peter crouch you suck

    • Peter Crouch should never been allowed to wear the national jersey but then again look at who was coach of the national side when England went to the World Cup ?

      Spurs on a good day couldn’t find the back of the net much less find a fishing net ! All the money in the world being spent on less than average talent isn’t going to make a team better ! And that’s what the Spurs’ fans are now beginning to realize !

      tophatal …………………

  2. jgome

    Crouch is like an <b< ugly chick at a party always willing to put out to please someone ! Unfortunately the pleasure that he reveals isn’t anything to write home about ! It’s akin to getting a ‘Monica Lewinsky ‘ from an 80 year old grandmother who forgot her false teeth ! And no I’m not speaking from experience on that one as I prefer a female who’s got all of her teeth and who knows what the hell she’s doing ! The same can’t be said of Peter Crouch …… even on his best days !

    It’s Their Time To Shine ………… Who’s In It To Win It ………. ?


    tophatal …………………………

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