4 comments on “Champions League Quarter-Finals 2nd Leg: Manchester United v. Chelsea

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  2. jgome

    I know that Blues’ …. multi billionaire owner …. Roman Abramovich values winning and success over everything but this loss can’t be solely down to Ancelloti ! The team simply wasn’t good enough on the day and if anything it showed over the course of the two legs of this quarter finals’ matchup .

    Now comes the hard part for Man United and that’s make a decision as to ultimately where their ambitions lay . Winning the Champions League or going after the domestic double , either way it’s a cash cow that’s still well needed by the team and in particular the Glazers as owners . United is still under a mountain of debt ($1.15 billion) and the team’s creditors are still knocking at their door each month looking to be paid .

    tophatal …………..

  3. Really disappointed in the Hotspurs’ performance. The match-up was over after the first leg, but you think they would at least score a goal! They have 15 mins left, lets see if they can at least grab a consolation. Harsh, since they will most likely be losing majority of their star players next season.

    • jgome

      It’s merely a learning process for Spurs to gauge themselves against the best that the Champions’ League has to offer. And based on their performances during the competition it’s safe to say that they’ve still a ways to go .

      The team with the financial backing has the money to spend big but bear in mind that when the new rules come in and are enforced by UEFA a lot of these big money teams with mountains of debt could be disqualified from competing in any UEFA sanctioned competitions unless their balance sheets are in order . The debt to asset ratio can’t be in excess of I believe (Michel Platini’s [UEFA President] ) 40% of a team’s value . Teams such as Man U , Real Madrid and AC Milan and Roma will come under tight scrutiny from UEFA because of that mandate .

      Those four teams between have a cumulative debt exceeding $ 6 billion (Euros 9.5 billion). Makes the Dodgers’ debt of approx $1 billion seem paltry doesn’t it ? What of the Mets also and their problems as they look to avert paying back at $500 million that owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz profited in by getting monies from disgraced financier Bernie Madoff .

      tophatal ………………

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