5 comments on “HABS NFL Mock Draft 3.0

  1. I just continue to believe that the Texans aren’t getting your boy Prince. I’m liking Robert Quinn more and more there; I honestly think he falls.

    • I would be geeked if Houston picked either of them, both are great players. My biggest fear is all the top LBs and DBs are gone at 11 and Houston either has to reach on someone like Aldon Smith, or take a player that isn’t a need like JJ Watt.

      Haven’t heard much from you about the Packers and the draft, are you on board with LB or think they go a different direction?

      • I have continued to see his name for the last month or so, and I hafta say, I’m sold. I think the kid plays with a lot of fire and passion ala Clay Matthews, and we are in need of a rush linebacker opposite of The Claymaker, so I am completely on board with that decision if he is the pick.

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  3. Interested to see what teams like the Titans and Vikings do. Titans need a QB ASAP. Excluding Vince, they don’t have one on their roster. Vikings need to get it going too. Heard some rumors about them getting McNabb but who knows. Both need help at that spot bad. I’d be surprised to see the Titans not draft a QB at some point if they don’t make a move for one soon.

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