7 comments on “HABS NFL Draft Rankings: RB

  1. Great analysis. I’d have Taiwan Jones a little higher. His Pro Day was pretty amazing and with his speed I see him going late second or early third. Just wonder how he will do against tougher competition and if he can stay healthy. What you think of Noel Devine maybe making this list?

      • I think Batch goes undrafted. We all know what he’s capable of and I know he can play in the NFL, but I think he has to do it the hard way through UDFA.

        As for Taiwan, I know the kid has speed but I’m iffy on putting a D1-AA junior any higher than what I have him. He’s got speed, but I question his toughness. I would take someone like Vereen over him who I know is almost as fast and a lot tougher/stronger.

        As for Devine, he’s waaay too small. Every time I saw him play it looked like he was getting blown up and I highly question his ability to break any tackles. His only value in my eyes is as a returner.

        The other notable player I left off was Anthony Allen of Georgia Tech. I don’t think I’ve seen a player with worse vision.

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